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GCSE Key Words

L Hillman

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1.Memory loss that is usually caused by physical injury to the brain; it can also be caused by a traumatic, emotional event.
4.Reversing the order of the conditions for half of the participants.
6.The store house of all things in the memory that are not currently being used. The duration is up to a lifetime and the capacity is limitless.
7.The vocal features that accompany speech, including tone of voice, emphasis and intonation
8.Relatively stable and enduring aspects of individuals that distinguish them from other people making them unique, but which at the same time, allow people to be compared with each other.
10.A shared belief about the characteristics of those who belong to a particular social or physical category.
12.How much information can be stored with that memory
13.The group that experiences the independent variable.
14.Treating people unfavourably on the basis of their membership of a particular group.
15.Stated the five functions of NVC in human communication
16.Conducted research looking at chunking
2.Unencoded information receives through our senses is held for just a few seconds in the sensory memory store before being passed on to the short-term memory for encoding.
3.Looked at brain abnormalities in criminals
5.The degree to which the findings from a study can be generalised beyond the research setting.
9.How long information can stay with that memory
11.An attitude, which is usually negative, towards a particular group of people, based on characteristics that are assumed to be common to all members of the group.

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