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CRCT Review

Coach Key

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1.What religion did the Arabs bring with them to Africa?
6.What were the goods Arab traders carried across the Sahara by caravan? (3 words)
7.A limit on the amont of foreign goods allowed into a country
8.A system of acquiring colonies to provide raw materials for a stronger country
9.a halt to trade with a particular country for economic or political reasons
11.Overuse of land by the people has been a major cause of _____________ in Africa
14.What part of Asia are most OPEC countries located?
15.This river flows through India into Bangladesh
17.A desert located in the southern part of Africa
20.What describes the climate of much of Southwest Asia? (3 words)
21.Which ethnic group is most numerous in Southwest Asia
22.Rich topsoil carried from on location another by floodwaters
23.What has been the most rliable way to get across the Sahara over the centuries?
26.A tax placed on goods coming into one country from another
27.What happens to the proce of oil when OPEC countries decide to limit production?
1.This river begins in the mountains of Tibet and flows through the country of Pakistan
2.Law based on the teachings of the Quran
3.Mountain range that separate the coastal regions frim the great Sahara Desert
4.This river runs from South China through Myanmar, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam
5.A dry and semi-arid region that is slowly turning into desert
6.What are the two types of Islam practiced in Southwest Asia? (3 words)
10.The legal seperation of races in Africa
12.The longest river in the world, also found in Africa
13.Which river do Syria, Israel, and Jordan share
14.The desert runs across the entire width of northern Africa
16.The Swahili language is a mixture of Bantu and _____________.
17.The name for the Israeli parliament
18.What is the name for a desert area that gets some rainfall or where there is a spring?
19.In which country do most Ashanti live?
24.Which region of Africa are the majority of Swahili people found?
25.What modern day country is the home to those who call themselves Persians?

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