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Human Immunodeficiency Virus

Benjanetta Hampton

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1.The most commonly available blood test to determine if someone is positive looks for these substances which are produced in response to the bodies invaders
6.The ADA protects those with disabilities, including HIV, from this happening in the workplace.
9.An infected woman can infect her bady during this
10.HIV is spread through drug addicts use of ________.
12.Proper cleaning of medical equiptment with this _______after each use prevents the spread of disease.
13.An infected woman can infect their baby through this
14.A fluid from the eye that does not transmit HIV
15.Medicines for HIV can cause serious ____ effects.
2.People with HIV may get these types of infections because of their weaken immune system
3.The number one way that stds are spread
4.Type of testing when a person's name is not given
5.You can not get HIV by ______ someone with it.
7.A disease cause by bacteria in the lungs.
8.Everyone should always practice
11.Condoms made of this when used consistently and correctly have been effective on HIV protection
12.HIV can be transmitted through _____ and othe bodily fluids

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