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ch 22 Review

Mrs. VandenHoek

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30 31     32 33 34  
43               44  

1.zone that extends over the continental shelf
5.large land mass formed 225 million years ago
7.group of land ecosystems with similar climate and organisms
9.made of many overlapping food chains
11.carnivore that eats bodies of dead organisms
13.examples of these are clover, beans, peas and alfalfa
15.movement of organism from one place to another
18.organism that can make their own food through photosynthesis
20.animal that eats only plants
22.food chains show the movement of _____ though the ecosystem
25.organism that has to obtain energy by feeding on other organisms
26.examples of rain, snow, sleet, hail
28.only ___ %of the energy is passed on to each level
29.the bacteria and legumes have this type of relationship
35.changing free nitrogen into a usable form of nitrogen
37.organisms that break down wastes and return raw materials to the ecosystem
38.series of events in which one organism date another and obtains energy
39.the leafy roof formed by tall trees
40.zone that exists between high and low tides
41.organism that is carried into a new location by people
42.a limit to dispersal
43.organisms that eat both producers and consumers
45.water, mountains, deserts are examples of these barriers
2.typical weather pattern in an area over a long period of time
3.these are deeper than ponds
4.grasslands found closer to the equator
6.bacteria live on these bumps on roots
8.trees with needles and cones
10.shorter trees and vines in the rain forest
12.liquid water absorbs energy and changes to a gas
14.where fresh water meets marine water
16.having moderate temperatures
17.most of the energy in an energy pyramid is found at the ______
19.area that receives less than 25 cm of rain per year
21.plates move and carry the continents with them
23.flows faster and is cloudier
24.this gas is released when things burn
27.soil that is frozen year round
30.animals that eat other animals
31.gas changes to a liquid
32.trees with leaves that fall off each fall
33.producers release this gas during photosynthesis
34.study of where organisms live
36.places on Earth that have different biomes from top to bottom
44.all food chains, and energy pyramids must start with energy from this

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