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Mixed Review

Answers that are numbers should be spelled out. No spaces are in the puzzle.

1         2 3               4     5
  8   9 10              
11                 12      
14                 15    
17             18         19  
  20             21       22
24   25              
26         27                
  32           33
34                       35          
36               37      

1.The ratio of the vertical rise to the horizontal run between any two points on a line
3.The 20th term of the arithmetic sequence 2, 6, 10, 14, 18...
6.The slope of the line described by the equation -12x + 4y = 8
10.A coin is tossed 4 times. How many outcomes are possible for the order of the results.
11.The length of a person's leg and the number of steps they take to walk a mile is an example of situation that would have ___________ correlation
13.A right triangle has legs that have the lengths of 6 feet and 8 feet. What must be the length of the third side? (include units) (2 Words)
14.Angles that are directly across from one another are _______ angles.
16.The y-intercept of a line with a slope of 3 and that goes through the point (-2,4).
17.The solution to a system of equations is written as a(n) ___________. (2 Words)
20.In the relation {(2,5) (4,7) (3,7)}, {5,7} is the ________.
21.Number outside of radicand when simplified:
25.The slope of the line y=2
26.The longest side of a right triangle.
29.____ numbers are fractions that do not terminate or repeat, radicals that are not perfect, and pi (2 Words)
31.Slope of the line when graphed: y=2x+1
34.In the situation, the number of refills is the ______ variable. "A glass of tea is $2. Each refill is $0.50."
35.The function y=-2x will cross the y-axis at this location.
36.Which power of 10 is equivalent to 0.0001? (two words)
38.y^5 X y^-3 X y^2 = y^____ (write the number)
1.When written in standard notation, this number has how many zeros? 4.352 X 10^11
2.The slope of the linear equation that models the arithmetic sequence 16, 19, 22, 25, 28...
4."Two coins are tossed" is an example of ______ (2 words).
5.The square root of 10 is between which two whole numbers ___ and ___. (2 Words)
7.The x value of the ordered pair that is the solution to the system of equations: 2x+y=14 and y = 3x-13
8.Terms in an expression that have the same variable raised to the same power (2 Words)
9.Two lines with the same slope but different y-intercepts will be ______.
12.The vertical line test can be used to determine whether a graph represents a ________.
15.{1,4,9,16,25} to name a few... (2 Words)
18.lines with the slopes that are opposite reciprocals (such as -2 and 1/2)
19.Angles that add up to 180 degrees are ________ angles.
22.The y-intercept of the line described by the equation -12x + 4y = 8
23.This is an example of what property: 2(x+5) = 2x + 10
24.A function is a specific type of realtion where the _______ values do not repeat.
27.The x value of the ordered pair where the lines y=2x+12 and y=1/2x intersect is negative _____.
28.A word indicating less than or equal to.
30.A vertical line has this slope.
32.The slope of the line containing the ordered pairs (2,3) and (-4,0). (2 Words)
33.Any number raised to a power of zero is _____.
37.The y value of the ordered pair where the lines y=2x+12 and y=1/2x intersect is negative _____.

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