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Paint Palette Crossword Puzzle

Mara B. Hornig

Read the descriptions on color terminology and figure out the correct word/term.

1 2 3 4
  5               6      
    7             8
  15     16                  
    17   18 19
20     21                  
23     24       25          

5.Man made
7.Brown, Gray, Black, & White
9.Used to organize colors in the spectrum and make them easier to mix
10.See through
11.Pigment made from the mineral Lapis Lazuli in throughout history
12.A crystal used to refract light
13.Means one color or is a color scheme with one color + black or + white
15.Two colors that intensify each other or are across from one another
21.Green, Orange, & Violet
22.Another name for color
23.A color that typically is symbolic of love, passion, or hate
25.Dense; lets little light through
26.A color made by combining two complementary colors or all the primary colors
1.The absence of color, also known as negro (Spanish), noir (French) & schwarz (German)
2.Variations of one color or a specific name for a color (ex. Prussian Blue)
3.Found naturally
4.When you add black to a color it creates a ...
6.Colors chosen that work well together
8.Wavelengths of light arranged in order by color
10.Colors made by mixing a primary & a secondary
14.Colors next to each other on the color wheel
15.Greek word for color
16.A painter uses to mix colors on or holds his/her choice of paint colors
17.A color, commonly used to symbolize caution
18.Known as the first colors or colors that all others come from
19.All the colors in the spectrum
20.The material used to keep the pigment suspended in paint
24.A color + white

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