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Kathleen Judy

Final two word answers are put together as one. If there is supposed to be a hyphen it is left out. Some questions refer you to a page of graphics.

1     2               3           4
5                   6  
    7         8        
12               13         14
18         19                
    20 21          
22 23 24                  
  26           27        
28     29                            
30         31       32 33                
34         35                      

2.show two sets are the same "size" by finding a one to one ___________
5.Picture C) the mean is ________
7.an inefficient but exact algorithm used to solve the traveling salesman problem (TSP)
10.____ pattern is a made from a golden rectangle to get a golden rectangle.
12.type of number written as a fraction with an integer in both the numerator and denominator
16.Picture A: Use cheapest link to find an approximate cheapest circuit starting at A.
17.F V T
18.the median of the data 12, 13, 7, 8, 3 , 5, 2, 7
19.Picture A:Use the nearest neighbor starting at A to find an approximate cheapest route.
21.a bell shaped curve
24.algebra used to simplify logical expressions
26.the mean of this data 8, 3 , 5, 2, 7
29.Cantor______ was used to show there is a larger infinity than the set of natural numbers.
30.number of copies = (scaling factor)^(____________)
33.a decimal expansion that never ends, but is rational
34.infinite boundary, finite area ___________ snowflake
35.20 faces
1.a number divisible only by itself and one
2.sets that are the same size are the same ___________________________
3.P(rolling an ten with two standard dice)
4.the ___________________ is V - E + R = 2
6.square root of two
8.F ^ T
11.Picture C) the standard deviation is ______
13.20 vertices
14.number of ways to choose r items out of n items. Order does matter with no repetition.
15.A squared plus B squared equals C squared is the ________ Theorem
20.number of ways to choose r items out of n items. Order doesn't matter with no repetition.
22.(3 + 2i)(3 - 2i)
23.made by removing the center 1/4th triangle from each triangle remaining from the previous iteration
25.complex numbers can be part real and part _________
27.picture B
28.a circuit that passes through every vertex exactly once
31.remove a ____ from a golden rectangle to get a golden rectangle
32.An Euler circuit can be made if there are _________ odd vertices.

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