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revision for s3 geography

1 2
3 4                 5
    8 9      
14 15   16 17 18   19      
    20       21      
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4.depression left by depositional feature when ice disappears, usually round (2 words)
6.a tube in the glacier which fills with deposit and is left when the ice disappears
7.what happens to accumaulating snow as it changes
8.frozen accumulated snow
10.you need this to collect in a depression on a hillside to form glaciers
12.small version of a bigger u shaped one but cut off as galcier moved past (2 words)
19.a terrace deposit at the side of a glacial valley
22.circular depression left om a mountain once the ice has gone
24.verylarge area of ice
25.pile of small rocks whihc have fallen from rock faces often fan shaped
26.a word for snow building up
27.name given to period of time when the mountains were ice covered
28.deposit along sides of valley (2 words)
1.gap at the back of a corrie
2.deposited material
3.egg shaped depositional feature, can occur in swarms (lots of them)
5.isolated individual rocks dropped by the glacier randomly
9.crack in a glacier
11.deposit at the end of a glacier (2 words)
13.knife line ridge between two corries
14.ice action which breaks or lifts stone
15.a large body of ice
16.high point caused by three or more corries back to back (2 words)
17.a type of sheep (2 words)
18.watery matierial at mouth of glacier
20.direction of slope snow accumulates on most easily in northern hemisphere
21.water left in depresion where glaciers usually start (2 words)
23.repeated change of temperature whihc can shatter rock (2 words)

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