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AP Literary Terms


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7.repetition of vowel sounds in a line
9.type of comedy using exaggeration and silliness
13.language that appeals to the senses
14.narrative poem focusing upon important event and told without comment
16.imitation of a work in order to criticize or to create humor
18.giving human qualities to nonhuman things
20.comparison that uses a known thing to explain something unfamiliar
22.when reader or audience knows something a character does not (2 Words)
25.object, action, or person that represents more than itself
27.choice of words in a work of literature
28.associative meaning of a word
29.lines of unrhymed iambic pentameter (2 Words)
33.character who is in opposition to the hero
34.language that sounds like what it means
38.representation of serious actions that culminate in catastrophe for protagonist
39.hero or main character in a story
40.long uninterrupted speech by a character
42.narrative in which abstract qualities are personified as characters
43.comment by a character directed at the audience
44.figure of speech in which a part is used to signify the whole
50.poetry that suggests rural life is superior to urban life
51.witty phrase or short poem
52.comparing two unlike things saying one thing is another
55.substitution of a mild expression for one that is offensive
56.quality created by relationship between stressed and unstressed syllables
57.the main idea of a liteary work
1.depicting life as it is usually experienced
2.poem that laments the death of someone
3.ironic critism
4.atmosphere or feeling of a reader when reading a work
5.a purging that leaves the audience feeling relieved
6.statement that seems absurd but is true
8.repetition of same consonant sounds
9.hint in a story of future developments
10.strong pause withing a line poetry
11.familiar and informal conversation
12.iambic pentameter lines that ryhme aa, bb, cc, etc (2 Words)
15.literal dictionary definition of a word
17.figure of speech where contradictory ideas are combined
19.showing events that took place earlier in a piece of literature
21.lyric poem of fourteen lines
23.event that marks a person's progress from one stage of life to the next (3 Words)
24.element that appears in a number of literary works
26.spoken word where intended meaning differs from literal meaning (2 Words)
30.themes, images, and patterns that are universal
31.figurative language using overstatement or exaggeration
32.person writer creates to tell a story (3 Words)
33.direct address to a person who is absent
35.actor alone on stage speaks his or her thoughts
36.comparing two unlike things using as, like, or than
37.way words are put together
41.poetry that does not adhere to a regular meter (2 Words)
45.person or figure in a literary work
46.comedic writing that ridicules and scorns in order to improve human qualities
47.reference in a literary work to something outside the work
48.figure of speech where word stands for closely related idea
49.story designed to teach a moral lesson
53.writer's attitude toward a topic
54.supernatural-based stories belonging to a culture to reflect culture's view

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