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Classical Period

Prof. Hollenbeck

Classical Period review for Final

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5.It is a musical composition for solo instrument and orchestra.
7.The character of the ________ is best described as stately and dignified.
9.A common rondo pattern is _____________. (7 letters)
10.The minuet first appeared around 1650 as a _______ at the court of Louis XIV of France.
14.The first movement of a classical concerto is in sonata form, but has two __________________, one for the orchestra and one for the soloist.
18.Beethoven's sixteen __________ are generally considered among the greatest music ever composed. (two words)
19.The classical ________ quartet is a musical composition for two violins, viola, and cello.
21.A piano sonata is a musical composition in two or more movements for _______.
22.Political and economic power shifted to the _____ _____ from the aristocracy and the church. (twowords)
25.Short musical ideas or fragments of themes that are developed within a composition are called
26.(three words-middleword is and) ________and__________form may be schematically outlined as AA'A''A'''A'''.
1.The lyrical slow movement of a symphony is most often the ______ movement
2.In many of Beethoven's works, there is a _______ movement instead of the minuet.
3.Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven were active in what city?
4.coda literaly means ________.
6.At the end of a classical exposition there usually is a _______ ________. (two words)
8.classical music is basically polyphonic. (True or False)
11.A ____________ in a classical concerto were indicated in the score by a fermata, and the soloist was expected to improvise, there being no music in the score at that point.
12.Sonata form consists of three main sections: exposition, development, and ___________.
13.The most important form of classical chamber music is the _____ _______. (two words)
15.A major factor that distinguishes chamber music from the symphony or concerto is that chamber music is performed by _____ player per part.
16.a musical composition for orchestra, usually in four movements.
17.musical composition for orchestra, usually in four movements.
20.Mozart and Beethoven wrote a number of concertos for their favorite solo instrument, the
23.A typical sequence of movements in a classical symphony is fast, _______, dance-related, fast.
24.The scherzo literally means ________.

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