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House on Mango Street

Page Salazar

Puzzle for the first nine vignettes in The House on Mango Street.

1 2 3
4                   5
    6       7    
12     13
16 17      
18 19     20  

4.Esperanza's great-grandmother's name
6.What Esperanza and her friends bought for $15
10.The older of Esperanza's two new friends
11.A name Esperanza wishes she had
14.Where are Lucy and Rachel from?
15.Esperanza's younger brother
16.Papa's hair is like this household item
19.Queen of Cats
21.Cathy has royal relatives in this country
22.Lucy and Rachel's are like fat popsicles.
1.Esperanza's sister
2.What Mama's hair smells like
3.Describes Nenny's hair
5.What the houses reminded Esperanza and Nenny of
7.Esperanza's older brother
8.The thing in Gil's store that Nenny wanted to buy
9.They were all you could see of Gil sometimes in his dingy store
12.Who are Esperanza and her friends buying the bicycle from?
13.What Esperanza's name means in English
17.The younger of Esperanza's two new friends
18.The street where Esperanza lives
20.In what Chinese year was Esperanza born?

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