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Mentor: The Kid and the CEO Chapters 1-5


1 2         3
5       6 7 8              
9   10          
13 14 15 16    
18     19           20  
  23                   24        
  25       26            
28                 29                
30     31               32      

2.Title of Chapter 1
5.Have a __________ list.
8.crime that put Gary on probation
9.What they didn't have enough of to get away from the convenience store
11.author (no space)
12.term Gary could have gotten for the burglary in second degree charge (2 words no space)
16.Tony thought the worst thing of all was seeing the look of ----- when he pleaded guilty
19.Tony used a court appointed ______.
21.bald, six feet tall, and 240 pounds
23.The judge will decide in ________ (two words, no space) what Gary's punishment will be
24.Tony kept saying it wasn't even my ___________.
25.Point of View of the story (2 words, no space)
28.____________ County Jail
29.name of chapter 5 (no spaces)
30.Don't take things ___________,.
32.narrator's name
33.stranger's name who speaks at group
1.Be a _____.
3.name of book he is given to read (no spaces)
4.type of shoes the inmates wear
6.The Greatest _______ in the World
7.Tony's age
8.______ in yourself.
10.Finish what you _____.
13.inmate who 'gets what he wants'
14.category of crime that Tony would be pleading guilty to
15.item stolen
17.Visit someone in the _______.
18.Chapter 4 title
20.Person who stole with Tony
22.Chapter 2 title (3 words, no space)
26.inmate who is five feet ten inches and one hundred and seventy pounds
27.90 _______ To Wait
30.I wondered if I would ever again ____ without an audience.
31._______ 10 percent.

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