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Health Care Delivery system

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3.Assist patients in reducing the impact of risk factors identified through family history and genetic predispositions.
5.Group of jointly funded federal-state programs for low-income, elderly, blind, and disabled individuals.
7.A health care agency who uses profits to pay personnel, improve services, advertise services, provide educational programs, or otherwise contribute to the mission of the agency.
12.A program that covers workers who are injured on the job.
18.Involves the prevention of complications from disease. Includes treatment of temporary dysfunctions requiring medical intervention or hospitalization.
20.True or false: nurses cannot suggest generic drugs over name brands.
21.Out-of-pocket payment, which only the very wealthy can afford.
1.Provided to acutely ill or injured patients, those requiring long-term care or rehabilitation services(Can be a hospital trauma center, burn center, or pediatric hospital).
2.Defined as: Differences in the quality of health care provided to different populations. (include: Age, Gender, Income..)
4.Voluntary insurance; insurance premiums are paid either by insured individuals or their employers or are shared between individuals and employers.
6.Include numerous home health care companies, hospital systems, specialty outpatient centers, heart hospitals, and rehabilitation centers.
8.A public agency that serves to one community, one county, or a few adjacent counties
9.Care rendered at the point at which a patient first enters the health care system. Care provided in physician’s office or clinic.
10.A private agency that works to promote or restore health through private donations and government grants.
11.A public agency that focuses on the health of all U.S. citizens; promote and conduct health and illness research, provide funding to train health care workers, assist communities in planning health care services; develop, staff and help fund health programs.
13.Goal-oriented, comprehensive inpatient care for patients who have acute illnesses, injuries, or exacerbations of a disease process. (Provides lower-cost health care than alternatives).
14.A service are provided to patients with chronic diseases through calls with nurses and other health professionals, with interactive voice responses, educational videos/books and Internet-based tools such as e-mail and video conferencing.
15.A public agency that usually do not provide direct patient care but support agencies that do
16.True or False: nurses can question unnecessary or repetitive laboratory studies and tests
17.Traditional goal of medicine; assess symptoms, conduct diagnostic tests, generate a formal...
19.A nationwide federal health insurance program established in 1965 for people ages 65 and over, regardless of income.

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