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Input, Output, and Processing

Mrs. Correll

1 2                   3 4
  7             8     9        
  10 11   12                    
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31               32                  

1.a keyboard to has special keys that represents items
5.consist of a reader or scanning device and software that converts the scanned info. into a digital format and used for security
7.uses gases to generate a picture
9.the most commonly used pointing device
10.a mouse that uses optical sensors that detect the motion of the ball
13.a mouse that uses lasers to detect motion of the mouse
14.a printer that produces high-quility output using the same technology as a copier
17.a pointing device that works like a mouse turned upside down
18.data that has been processed into information
20.a keyboard that features biometric devices
22.a device that allows a person to enter data into the computer
24.a display device for a desktop computer
28.a printer that is high-speed and attached to large computers
29.uses synchronized positioning of light emitting and sensing deives to detect user input
31.a specialized surface that converts the motions of your fingers to a position on the screen
32.a keyboard that can be easily transported
33.the most commonly used input device
34.a keyboard that is battery-powered
2.a pressure-sensitive device located on the keyboard
3.a keyboard that uses a laser beam to generate a full sized laser keyboard
4.forms characters by heating the paper
6.has best color levels and contrast ratio
8.a mouse that uses a ball to move on a surface
11.an imput device that allows you to position the pointer on the screen
12.displays information
14.uses white light that passes through molecules to create an image
15.uses a vacuum tube containing electrons
16.an interface to which a peripheral device attaches to or communicates with the system unit
19.a device used to create a hard copy of a processing result
21.the process of inputting sound
23.a batttey-powered pointing device
25.a printer for drawing and drafting output used by architects (CAD)
26.a video capturing camera that is connect to a computer and displays images through the WWW.
27.a keyboard designed to provide use with more natural hand position
30.a printer that uses a nonimpact process to produce a hard copy

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