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~ Cross Anagram Puzzle ~

Nick Glezman


It's an anagram.

Plus a crossword puzzle.

Very complex;I know.

(Solve the anagram to get the word, which you then place in the puzzle. Nouns/Verbs include the definitions, adjectives have the Synonyms/Antonyms)

1 2
3   4 5  
  6 7               8              
      10   11                  
    13             14  
16                   17 18                    
    20   21   22  
    26                         27
28                 29                          
  30 31                            
    32                 33          

6.A Guilt Nu - Definition: To howl as a dog or wolf; to hoot as an owl.
8.Claim I In - Syn: Unfriendly Ant:Friendly
11.Canoeists - Definition: Ending.
12.Cede Slip - Definition: Obscure; blocked form view.
13.Dueling - Definition: Treat oneself or another to-
16.Ivies I Quint - Syn: Curious Ant: All Knowing
18.Yell Tumours - Syn: Shaking Ant: Calmly
26.Preteen Sir - Definition: Adventure, Undertaking
28.Scene Con - Definition: To hide or tuck away.
29.Exactingly Uric - Syn:Painfully Ant: Softly
31.Aliasing Mist - Definition: Absorbing.
32.Ad Tuning - Syn: Threatening Ant: Meek
33.Mayo Pi - Definition: A visual defect like nearsightedness.
34.Cynic Mis - Syn: Skepticism Ant: Credulous
35.Nasty Tic - Syn: Holiness Ant: Desecrated
1.Age Sly - Syn: Discerning Ant: Stupid ._.
2.Drab Ova - Syn: Boastfullness Ant: Humble
3.Red Pug - Definition: Freed from impurities.
4.Cute Null Try - Syn: Belligerently Ant: Nicely
5.Clean Spin - Definition: Tall, pointed formations.
7.Mil Nu Sou - Syn: Bright Ant:Opaque
9.Viperous Mi - Syn: Invulnerable Ant: Insecure
10.Ironised - Definition: Scorn or ridicule.
14.Screeches Hon Pop - Definition: Luminous radiation emitted from a substance.
15.Auxen Cruel - Syn: Extravagance Ant: Hideousness
17.Tapeline Hen - Syn: Large Ant: Small
19.Attiring Polyp - Definition: Appeasingly
20.Bonuses Set - Syn: Dullness Ant: Witty
21.Rub Eek - Definition: To criticize or repremand
22.Intricate Op - Definition: Crackling Sound.
23.Vectors - Definition: Thick underbrush providing cover.
24.Calamity Help - Syn: Definitely Ant: Never
25.Alarm Net - Syn: Parental Ant:Paternal
27.Solidi Rue - Syn: Excited Ant: Bored
30.Condor - Definition: A projecting course of stones at the base of a parapet.

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