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Life On the Continental Shelf

Amanda Lawry

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1.A photosynthetic organism that lives on algae or plants.
3.Settling of sediment particles from the water
5.Organisms that swim strongly enough to move against the current
7.A member of the infauna that moves sediment while burrowing or feeding
9.Shallow submerged extension of the continent (2 Words)
10.A current that is generated by tide (2 Words)
11.Lacking significant amounts of seaweeds or seagrasses
12.Organisms that live on the bottom
17.The part of the continental shelf never exposed at low tide. (2 Words)
18.The conversion of gasseous nitrogen into nitrogen compounds that can be used by autotrophs (2 Words)
20.An animal that feeds on organic matter that settles on the bottom (2 Words)
24.A suspension feeder that uses mucus or cilie to move food particles to the mouth (3 Words)
26.An organism that lives attached to the bottom or surface
29.Particles of dead organic matter
34.The entry of young individuals into a population
35.Area below the canopy
36.A marked change in form during embryological development
37.Water motion
38.Burrowing in sediment
39.The upward flow of cold, nutrient-rich deep water to the surface.
40.The upward flow of cold, nutrient-rich deep water to the surface
1.The full range of ecological characteristics of a species, such as its feeding habits, specific habitat, and reproductive strategy (2 Words)
2.Organisms occuring in clumps or patches
3.Subtidal Zone (2 Words)
4.An autotroph. An organism that carries out primary production (2 Words)
6.Those that grow as a thin layer over rocks, such as some of the coralline algae (2 Words)
8.The section at the continental shelf where the slope abruptly becomes steeper usually at a depth of 120 to 200 meters (2 Words)
13.A sediment is derived from the breakdown, or weathering of rocks
14.A suspension feeder that actively filters food particles (2 Words)
15.Total mass of living organisms
16.Animals living between sediment particles
19.The Pelagic enviroment above the continental shelf (2 Words)
21.A bottom-dwelling fish
22.Animals that live on the surface of the substrate
23.Pertaining to the water column away from the bottom or other structure
25.The seperation of the water column into layers, with the densest water at the bottom and the least dense at the surface
27.Loose material such as sand and mud that settles on the bottom
28.The bottom above the continental shelf (2 Words)
30.Microscopic animals that live on the bottom; often used as a synonym of interstitial fauna
31.Area below the canopy
32.The type of bottom or material on or in which an organism lives
33.Organisms that drift in water

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