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4.Most famous of the Gorgon sisters.
8.Winged god of love.
9.Supernatural water horse in Celtic mythology, luring humans and drowning them in water.
10.Celtic goddess of fertility.
12.Taoist god of war, and Buddhist protector god. (2 Words)
13.Roman god of the underworld.
16.Athena was born out of Zeus' ___.
18.Remus' brother. According to legend, founder of Rome.
19.Hapi is the Egyptian god of this river.
21.Creator god in Inca mythology.
28.God of the sun in Inca mythology.
30.The great hall of Odin.
31.Hades tricked Persephone into eating a kernel of this fruit.
32.Prometheus' liver is torn away every day by this animal.
33.Hermes' sandals have ____.
36.Warrior maidens in Norse mythology who bring the souls of slain heroes to Odin's hall.
37.Ma'at weighs the hearts of the deceased against this item.
39.Chinese god of the household and kitchen. (2 Words)
42.Zeus' weapon of choice.
43.Titan who swallowed all but one of his children, and a rock.
1.Pharaohs are the earthly embodiment of this god.
2.Chinese god of thunder. (2 Words)
3.Creatures which are half men, half goat.
5.Aphrodite's counterpart in ancient Roman mythology.
6.Women who live as seals in the sea, shedding their skins to be women on land.
7.When Zeus abducted Europa, he took on the form of a ___.
8.Trickster animal in many First Nations mythologies.
11.Brother and husband of Isis.
14.Legendary founder of the city Cuzco. (2 Words)
15.Feathered serpent deity in Mayan mythology.
17.King of the Norse gods.
20.Trickster of the Norse gods. Son of giants.
22.Day of the weak which translates to "Thor's Day"
23.Sumerian goddess of the Earth.
24.The sky god Thor wields this weapon.
25.The goddess Bastet has the body of a woman and head of this domestic animal..
26.Osiris' death and rebirth is a symbol for ___.
27.Mesoamerican feathered serpent deity.
29.Defeated the Minotaur in the center of the Cretan Labyrinth.
34.Wife of Odin.
35.Three headed dog which guards the underworld.
38.Jackal-headed god of mummification.
40.Sumerian Moon Goddess
41.Akhenaten introduced worship centering around this god.

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