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Cancer study guide

Mrs. Meade

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3.___ ___ and radium are both examples of known carcinogens.
6.The best way to decrease risk of developing cancer is to develop ___behavior habits.
7.A mass of cancer cells.
10.____genes cause cancer cells to divide more rapidly than they normally should.
11.If a child is complaining of pain in her legs, could cancer be the cause of the pain?
13.If children were to wear protective headwear and clothing when outside during peak hours of UV exposure, most skin cancers would be ___.
17.What substance is known to damage the genes that regulate the growth of normal cells and tissues?
19.When a cell mutation occurs, there is a change in the way the cell ___ or develops.
22.If someone is fair-skinned, what puts her at greatest risk for developing skin cancer?
23.If someone is diagnosed with skin cancer and they are told that the survival rate for that type of cancer is 99%, the chance for a cure is ___.
25.Old ___are most likely to develop cancer.
28.If someone had skin cancer, the best news to receive about that type of cancer would be that it is ___.
29.Cancer research provides understanding of the causes of cancer that could lead to public policy. Opponents to such public policy are concerned about protecting individual ___ and autonomy.
30.What factor most likely increases a person's chance of developing cancer? 1. marriage, 2, income, 3. sexual orientation, 4. aging.
31.When a physician looks at the cells under the microscope, she can tell if the cells are cancer cells by the ___and___.
32.Malignant cancer is in the ___stage of tumor development.
1.Cigarette smoking and exposure to the sun ___ the risk of developing cancer.
2.Some people inherit a disposition to developing cancer which means they are more ___ to develop cancer than the general population.
4.If someone is diagnosed with brain cancer and is told the mortality rate is 75%, there is a 75% chance that he will not be ___ in 5 years.
5.The development of cancer most likely occurs due to ___exposures over time.
8.The first stage of tumor development.
9.An example of a government regulation that would minimize exposure to carcinogens would be ___cigarette smoking in public places.
12.Health care providers participate in cancer prevention by routinely performing cancer ___.
14.Cancer results from the breakdown of the normal body process of cell ___and___.
15.If someone has be diagnosed with cancer and wants to know what caused it, you explanation can be it is something that __ __ __ and results from different causes
16.Heredity ____ to the development of cancer
18.If someone develops cancer in the lungs, the cancer cells multiply rapidly, taking up ___and___ from the normal cells.
20.Cancer can develop decades after exposure to ___________.
21.In normal cell growth, what regulates the cell growth cycle?
24.Overexposure to the sun is a risk factor in developing skin cancer because ___radiation damages skin cells.
26.Cancer results from ___damage to cells over time.
27.Severe ___in children can lead to development of cancer decades later.

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