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Water on the land crossword


1 2
3 4                
    6           7          
  8   9    
12                 13                            
15 16                      
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21   22        
24                     25                  

4.The dissolving of certain types of rock such as chalk by rainwater
5.A vertical drop in the course of a river
6.Water stored in the soil
10.The middle section of the river
12.A body of water formed when a wide meander if cut off from the main river
13.A rock that doesn't allow water to pass through it
14.Water released through leaves of plants
16.A bend in the river
18.Occurs in the upper course of the river to deepen the channel and form a v-shaped valley
20.When coarse material deposited by a river flooding forms small embankments alongsider the river
24.The first part of the river
25.When larger load carried by the river hits the bed and banks causing bits to break off
26.When the river doesn't have enough energy to carry the load so leaves it behind
27.The time it takes from the peak rainfall for the water to reach peak discharge
28.When the load carried by the river knocks into other parts of the load, causing bits to break off
29.The flat area of land over which a river meanders
30.The last part of the river
1.The material deposited and left behind after the river has flooded
2.The power of the volume of water moving in the river
3.The movement of small rocks along the river bed by bouncing them
7.Water soaking from the surface into the soil
8.The time at which rainfall is heaviest
9.A rock that allows water to pass through it
11.Takes place in the lower and middle couse and causes the river to widen
15.The amount of water that is in a river
17.When the pores in the soil are full of water
19.Water that has been stopped from reaching the ground by trees and plants
21.When fine material is carried withing the water
22.Water filtering into the rocks from the soil
23.A graph showing the change in rainfall and river discharge over a period of time

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