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Blood and Lymphatic Disorders

Courtney Daniels

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3.7.34 to 7.45 is the pH of what?
5.A disorder characterized by levels RBC, hemoglobin, and hematocrit that are below normal range
7.Hemogloblin S is found in what type of anemia? (3 Words)
9.Responsible for the development of T-cells in the cell mediated immune response
11.Abnormal cells found in Hodgkins Lymphoma
13.In ancient times blood was referred to as what? (3 Words)
14.One unit of packed RBCs increases the Hg by what?
16.The process of red blood cell production is?
22.Cells that have a life-span up to a 120 days (3 Words)
23.Type O blood is known as? (2 Words)
24.A common laboratory test that measures the packed cell volume of RBCs
27.It is located in the left upper quadrant of the abdominal cavity, just below the diaphragm
28.Called secondary anemia and is caused by internal and external hemorrhage (2 Words)
31.Primary cause of agranulocytosis (3 Words)
32.If you have the Rh factor, you are said to be what? (2 Words)
33.Another name for thrombocytes
34.Erythrocytes are produced where? (3 Words)
35.When bleeding occurs in children with hemophilia the traditional approach to care is
37.Hemophilia B is known as (2 Words)
39.What should be avoided in Aplastic Anemia? (2 Words)
40.The average adult has a total blood volume of?
41.Thalassemia is also called? (2 Words)
42.Oral iron supplements should not be given with what?
43.Carries oxygen to the cells from the lungs and carbon dioxide away from the cells to the lungs
44.Primarily involved in the body defenses, such as destruction of bacteria and viruses
1.What medication is not recommended for children with sickle cell?
2.A coagulation disorder characterized by clotting and secondarily by hemorrhage (3 Words)
4.malignant disorder in which an excess of leukocytes accumulates in the bone marrow and lymph nodes
6.A major complication of Sickle Cell Anemia
8.Can cause GI bleeding in infants (3 Words)
10.Type AB blood is known as? (2 Words)
12.Hereditary coagulation disorder
15.Test commonly used in screening for sickle cell
17.Platelets below 150,000/mm
18.Cooley's anemia is treated primarily with (3 Words)
19.Life-span of a sickle cell RBC is? (4 Words)
20.The oldest hereditary disease known to humanity
21.An autoimmune disease that prevents the production of the intrinsic factor (2 Words)
25.A test that is a strong indicator of DIC
26.A failure of the normal process of cell generation and development is? (2 Words)
29.Meat, fish, poultry, eggs, green leafy vegetables are a good source of?
30.It filters impurities from the lymph and produce WBCs (2 Words)
36.Has a short life-span of approximately of 7 hours
38.Serious consequences occur when blood loss is

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