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Hemophilia Crossword

Cassie Peterson

1 2 3
4                               5  
6             7            
8   9                    
14     15                  
    17                         18

4.Hemophiliac treated by Rasputin.
6.Is an affected individual sterile or fertile?
7.May experience _____ discomfort.
9.A genetic disorder that causes an affected individual to continuously bleed when injured.
10.Chromosome that hemophilia is carried on.
15.Survival rate.
16.Carriers are (affected/unaffected).
17.First carrier of hemophilia in the royal family.
20.Can cause problems with _____ and abdominal bleeding.
1.Most effective treatment.
2.The affected proteins in hemophilia normally produce _____ that stop bleeding.
3.Hemophilia is a _____ trait, meaning it is carried on a sex chromosome.
5.Females can be _____ of hemophilia, but males can't.
8.Was very common among the royal families of _____ due to their constant intermarrying.
11.Which gender is usually affected?
12.The proteins affected.
13.People with severe Hemophilia generally live to 63 and idividuals with moderate Hemophilia usually live to about _____.
14.Caused by a _____ in certain proteins.
18.Hemophiliacs are more susceptible to diseases and disorders like sceptic _____.
19.Hemophilia is a _____ disease, affecting about 1 in 100,000 people.

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