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Egyptian Mummies


Review Quiz, Reading and Writing-Doyle 4/28/2012

1 2 3
4                         5
  7                   8    
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  11     12            

4.Order from first to last, beginning to end
7.Honored by the Egyptians and used in amulets, grave goods and jewelry.
12.Ruler of Egypt
13.Preserved body
14.Used to identify the Pharoah to the gods in the afterlife.
16.An ancient structure that housed the mummies.
1.This person and his workers created mummies out of the body of their ruler.
2.The sentence in which the main idea is stated.
3.Substance used to preserve the outside of the body.
5.Plural form-thieves
6.A kind of god
8.Valuable items
9.Restating briefly the main ideas of the chapter or section.
10.A particular topic or central theme
11.Passageways into the tombs
12.Key concept/main idea, every ____________ has this!
15.The most important organ to the Egyptians.

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