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CMAA Review

A Collins

1 2
5             6     7                            
      9   10                   11    
  14                 15             16    
17                     18        
20               21          
22     23            
    24 25             26    
28                       29 30            
31                 32    
34                         35      

3.system that transports oxygen to the body tissues
5.state of being truthful, trustworthy; geniune
6.range of motion
7.amounts due to the MD for services (2 Words)
8.prompt; being on time
10.scheduling two patients to see the MD at the same time (2 Words)
12.used as a reminder for time sensitive matters (2 Words)
14.polite, considerate, and respectful in manner and action
15.eye contact, facial expression, symbolic expressions
17.anything by which a person or thing can be identified
19.the symptoms that the patient presents with (2 Words)
20.includes postcards, business replies and letters (2 Words)
23.prevents access or passage of
25.lacking in due care or concern; act of carelessness
28.amount that is 'not allowed' according to the insurance company become an __________ on the patient account
30.consent that is apparent through the patient's actions
31.person to whom money is paid
33.term referring to the back of the body
34.to end
35.large volumes of mail sorted by zip code
1.to arrange in order of importance
2.filing/recording something in more than one location to assist in accessing
4.to become aware through the senses
5.federal regulations that protect patient privacy
7.anything owned that has exchange value
9.amount a person is responsible for paying before insurance covers costs
11.an itemized list of goods in stock
13.predetermined amount that the patient must pay for services
16.using an impartial third party to settle a dispute
17.type of skills used to interact with patients,colleagues and other individuals
18.impossible to read
21.'S' in SOAP
22.someone other than the patient, spouse, or parent who is responsible for payment
24.a faxed copy, printed computer reprot or hand written document (2 Words)
26.method of filing where records are filed backwards
27.system that receives and processes information
29.state of thought or feeling
32.occurring first in time, development or sequence

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