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math grade 9 puzzle


a puzzle with definitions from the grade nine text book

1 2
  3 4              
  5     6
7         8              
11                 12      
13           14     15    
17 18                 19                    
20     21            
  22       23            
26             27              

4.a mathematical statement that says two expressions are equal
7.error resulting from choosing a sample that is not representive of the whole population
8.an algebraic relationship between two or more variables
9.identical in size and shape
10.the value of the variable that makes an equation true
11.the point that divides a line segment into two different segments
12.the number of square units contained in a two dimensional shape
13.a graph that uses bars to represent data
16.a line segment ,joining 2 points on the circumference, that passes through the center of a circle
17.a triangle with all three sides equal
20.a prisim with six congruent square shapes
23.divide into 2 equal parts
25.an angle that is formed inside a polygon by two sides meeting at a vertex
27.a letter used to represent a value that can change or vary.
28.the number by which a variable is multiplied
29.a number that is part whole number and part fraction
30.a number that is multiplied by itslef to give another number
31.the longest side of a right triangle
32.the perimeter of a circle
1.a line segment joining the center of a circle to a point on the circumference, of the length of this line segment
2.the greatet volume that a container can hold
3.a measure of the steepness of a line
5.a three dimensional oject with 2 parallel circular bases
6.a term that contains no variables, its value does not change
12.pairs of equal angles formed on either side of a transversal crossing pair of parallel lines.
14.a triangle in which each of the interior angles measure than 90 degrees
15.the distance around the outside of a shape
18.a polygon that has 4 sides
19.a line that divides an angle into 2 equal parts
21.having a angles equal
22.the height of a geometric figure
24.the amount of space that an oject occupies , measured in cubic units
26.a survey of all the members of a population

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