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Charlotte's Web vocabulary

Abigail and Amanda

Twelve key vocabulary words from Charlotte's Web.

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2.(noun) an animal that is small compared to others of its kind or the smallest or weakest of a litter, especially of pigs or puppies.
6.(noun) unfairness or lack of justice; an unfair situation or action
8.(noun) money, property, or a title received from someone who has died
10.(adjective) sad and depressed
11.(verb) to waste away, as in languish in prison, or neglected
1.(adjective) unpleasant and likely to offend people, an in objectionable behavior
2.(adjective) bright and shining, or someone who is radiant looks very healthy and happy
3.(noun) greetings showing respect and affection
4.(noun) opinions about a specific matter; thoughts or attitudes that are based on feelings or emotions instead of reason; tender or sensitive feelings
5.(noun) a fit of uncontrollable laughter or crying
7.(adjective) from Latin, "sedere", which means, "to sit". not migratory, for example: sedentary birds, or doing or requiring much sitting
9.(verb) if you detest something or somebody, you dislike that thing or person very much

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