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Credit Cross-Word

Brooke Niermann

A cross-word created from vocabulary in chapters 16-19.

3                           4  
  6 7                              
9                 10 11                      
    13     14    
  16         17
      21         22    
23                     24                

3.A measure of credit-worthiness based on an analysis of a consumer's financial history
7.Interest computed on the amount borrowed
8.A trait of credit-worthiness indicating a responsible attitude toward living up to agreements
9.A person applying for credit privileges, employment, or some other benefit
11.Interest-free time between the date of purchase and when that purchase appears on their statement if there’s no outstanding balance on a credit card
12.A financial situation that occurs when a debtor files a petition with a federal court asking to be declared unable to meet his or her debts
15.A service to chargecustomers whereby purchases are not billed to the customer until a later date
18.The complete record of your credit performance
19.One of the three national credit reporting agencies. The other two are Experian and TransUnion
21.Property possessed
23.An agreement to lend the borrower an amount up to a stated limit and to allow borrowing up to that limit again whenever the balance falls below the limit
25.A company that gathers, stores, and sellscredit information to business subscribers
26.A legal process tht relieves debtors of the responsibility of paying their debts or protects them while they try to repay
27.Percentage of the debt that is to be repaid to the credit grantors in a Chapter 13 bankruptcy
28.Property pledged to the lender to assure repayment of a loan
29.Number of days between last and current statement dates
1.The ability to repay a loan from present income
2.Loans for which the interest rate does not change over the life of the loan
3.Money borrowed against a charge or credit card, which accrues interest differently than charged purchases sometimes at a higher rate and without a grace period
4.Treating people differently based on prejudice rather than individual merit
5.The interest rate lenders offer their best commercial customers
6.A legal business that makes high-interest loans based on the value of personal possessions pledged as collateral
10.The contracted terms to which the customer agrees when accepting a credit card or charge card account which detail both the consumer’s and creditor’s responsibilities
13.One who owes money to another
14.A pre-established amount that can be borrowed on demand with no collateral
16.The interest you pay to use credit
17.Unlicenced lenders who charge illegally high interest rates
20.A part of the purchase price paid in cash up front reducing the amount of a loan
22.Yearly cost of owning a credit card
24.Money borrowed to buy someting now with the agreement to pay for it later

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