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Deborah Ellis

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  17 18    

1.A seating or sleeping mattress
3.An explosive device hidden in dirt that destroys anything that passes near it
7.Parvana's older sister
9.A feeling that what is wanted for the events to turn out for the best
12.A radical organization who rules Afghanistan
13.Time that is yet to come
14.A language spoken in Afghanistan
19.Shauzia & Parvana hope to meet someday in 20 years at the top of the____ ______
20.A relationship in which a man and a woman commit their lives
21.Apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person, family, or household.
22.Afghan vegetable filled flat-bread often baked or fried
23.Parvana's best friend
2.Something that is kept hidden or concealed
3.Parvana and Shauzia along with other girls made money by digging up ______
4.Compulsory for women to wear in puplic on their heads
5.Parvana and her father made a prophet from ______ peoples letters they cannot read
6.Parvana was dressed to like like a ___
8.Parvana's younger sister
10.Conversation, speech, dialogue, chat, discussion, talk
11.Where Parvana lives
15.Opposite of wealthy and rich
16.People who leave home because of natural disasters or war
17.The process of deciding whether or not to say or do something

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