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Weaving Words


for weavers

1 2
  4                     5
8     9                
  11       12  
      13     14      
16 17        

4."to rent" followed by something you play pick up with
6.what Humpty Dumpty did
7.Abraham Lincoln was born in one of these
8.a yummy breakfast food followed by something we all like to do
10.you might hear someone say they got one of these of the flu
13.opposite of beginning
14.used when playing clarinet
15.a Rice Krispies sound
17.wear while cooking
18.craft to go on water; service that gets you from hotels to airports, etc.
19.can get these from spacey deer
1.find on a porcupine
2.what yeast dough is doing (hopefully) after you mix it followed by a place for garden tools and equipment
3.one of what a sparrow sees you with
5.opposite seasons - hot then cold
8.part of a Star Trek speed followed by part of an often quoted Star Trek phrase
9.what's inside a cannoli
10.use in an electric mixer
11.a child's wooden toy
12.what we see with
16.essential part of a car

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