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That's So Gay

Chelsea Beran, Kari O'Doran, Tommy Thompson

LGBTQ Terminology

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2.A person with genitals or partial genitals or a mix of primary sexual characteristics of both sexes.
4.A derogatory word for a gay man; a cigarette in England.
6.A self-description of a person's sexual preference.
7.A series of riots beginning on June 28th, 1969 in New York in which the LGBTQ community clashed with police; Often considered the beginning of the modern LGBTQ rights movement.
8.A person who is attracted to the opposite sex.
11.The person who is penetrated during anal sex.
12.A person who defies the biological sex that they were born with.
13.A person who is attracted to the same sex.
16.A set of ideals regarding appearance and behavior put in place by society.
19.A person who is not easily classified as one sex or the other.
20.An offensive term for a homosexual male who is also Hispanic.
24.A state of having one's sexual identity hidden.
25.A derogatory term for a flamboyant homosexual person.
27.One who does not consider sex or gender when choosing a partner.
28.A hateful word for a homosexual.
31.A transgender member of a Native American tribe; A male person who adopts a female role in their society; French word meaning "a young boy kept as a sex slave”.
34.A person who is attracted to both males and females.
36.The frothy mixture of lubricant and fecal matter which sometimes results from anal sex.
37.A person who exhibits feminine characteristics.
39.Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome; A disease of the immune system characterized by increased susceptibility to opportunistic infections: caused by a retrovirus and transmitted chiefly through blood or blood products that enter the body's bloodstream, especially by sexual contact or contaminated hypodermic needles; A disease commonly associated with the male homosexual population.
40.A heterosexual partner of a homosexual person who, often unknowingly, helps keep the homosexual person in the closet.
41.A derogatory term for a transsexual person.
42.A large, hairy, gay male.
1.The person penetrating the other during anal sex.
2.Showing preferential treatment to heterosexuals.
3.An umbrella term for a person who does match or agree with their biological gender.
5.A heterosexual person who supports LGBTQ causes.
8.Fear or hatred of homosexuals.
9.Men, often African American, who engage in same-sex activity but do not consider themselves gay.
10.A slang term for a person who displays homosexual tendancies when intoxicated.
14.A person who is attracted to all people.
15.Discrimination against those of a certain age.
17.A sheet of rubber used during oral sex to prevent STI transmission.
18.The identity granted by one's biological reproductive organs.
21.A person having no sexual behavior or desire.
22.An offensive term to describe a homosexual person who is also Asian.
23.The fear of bisexual people often by both the heterosexual and the homosexual community.
26.Having masculine characteristics.
30.Not having a common identity; encompasses many undefined sexualities.
32.A derogatory word for Lesbian.
33.A slang term for a heterosexual person.
34.A derogatory word for a lesbian who exhibits a masculine gender.
35.A female who is attracted to other females.
36.Preferential treatment of one sex over another.
38.A young or small gay male who prefers large often hairy men.

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