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1       2 3 4
5       6   7   8              
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  30                     31   32           33  
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46                   47          
48               49          

1.word for countryside
5.word describing how urban areas spread
8.word for city area towards edges mostly where people live
10.central business district
12.bigger than a village smaller than a city
15.place where people get on or off trains-2words
18.street pattern found inindustrial victorian cities
20.location in city of industry- 2 words
24.location factor relating to easily defendable
25.type of town where people work somewhere else and just sleep at home
26.situation factor relating to a meeting place to sell goods and meet people- 2 words
28.large old church found in cities
30.manylayered building
32.word describing what soething does
34.situation factor relating to a good place to cross a river -2 words
37.place where people sell things from small shops or stalls
38.what people do to enjoy themselves in their spare time
40.word for city from latin
41.good shelter at coast and place to anchor
43.ring of green countryside limiting city growth as a planning control
44.holiday visitor
46.word describing period in history when streets were narrow and twisty
47.a small group of houses or farms
48.victorian multistorey block
49.type of building typically found in CBD containing collections of things
2.place where you can borrow books from
3.essential way to lots of move people round a city and cut down car use- 2 words
4.can be used as a control to cut down car use by making it expensive in a city
6.situation factor relating to availability of water for water supply -2 words
7.place where people get on or off buses2words
9.scheme to encourage people to use public transport- 3words
11.large fast road
13.typically center for higher education found in centre of cities
14.word desribing tall building
16.road to make access easy to anywhere in city
17.situation factor relating to cross roads
19.place where people going when they are ill and need surgery
21.collection of shops, restaurants and sometimes cinemas-2 words
22.place where people start and finish journeys in the air
23.older central urban area
27.place where ships load and unload
28.dead end street found in residential areas
29.word describing bad living conditions
31.situation factor relating to good drainage, slightly raised ground- 2 words
33.a traffic flow control using streets signs
35.public green space
36.location of settlement in relation to it's surroundings
39.road space exclusively for cyclists
42.small group of houses,post office, church and school
45.location of settlement

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