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Ch 11 Crossword

Ariane Gerard

This crossword puzzle covers Ch 11 of the microbiology textbook. The chapter is called "Characterizing & Classifying Prokaryotes."

1 2           3
5                                   6             7       8
  11                     12                                      
  13                                       14 15           16            
  17   18 19         20                                        
23                                             24                        
      25   26     27                           28
                34 35                      
    37                 38
41                                       42   43     44            
              46               47  

2.tetanus causes death by ____ paralysis
5.bacteria that causes diphtheria; DTaP vaccine (2 Words)
7.acronym standing for "Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus"
10.split into 4 groups: intracellular pathogens, methane oxidizers, glycolytic facultative anaerobes & pseudomonads
11.Gram-positive bacilli, produces terminal endospores
12.Gram-positive staphylococci that can cause infection (2 Words)
13.bacteria that produces insecticide toxin: Bt toxin (2 Words)
15.aerobic bacteria that contain mycolic acids in cell walls and require acid-fast stains
18.arrangement resulting in groups of 4 cells
20.psychrophile that causes "listeriosis" (2 Words)
21.2nd bacterial species to have entire genome sequenced (2 Words)
23."strange berry that withstands radiation" (2 Words)
24.most common method of asexual reproduction that bacteria use (2 Words)
27.Gram-negative _____; "many shapes"; largest & most diverse group of bacteria
29.bacteria that produces antibiotic polymyxin B (2 Words)
32.blue-green bacteria; participate in oxygenic photosynthesis & nitrogen fixation; contain genera Anabena & Merismopedia
34.genera of bacteria that are often used in the dairy industry
39.super heat tolerant bacteria (require temperatures >80* C)
41.contains Azospirillum & Rhizobium which participate in nitrogen fixation
43.some Alphaproteobacteria conain ___ for surface attachment
45.all organisms are classified into these 3 _____(s): Archaea, Bacteria, Eukarya
46.Gram-negative obligate anaerobes that colonize human and animal intestinal tracts
49.spirochete that causes syphilis (2 Words)
50.spirilic Epsilonbacterium with flagella that can survive in the stomach and cause gastric ulcers (2 Words)
1.bacteria that causes tuberculosis (2 Words)
3.came up with the modern method of using rRNA sequences to classify prokaryotes (2 Words)
4.Gram-postive bacilli, produces central endospores
6.most studied halophile (2 Words)
8.genera of deeply branching bacteria (domain: Bacteria) that are chemoautotrophic, anaerobic & hyperthermophillic (85-95* C)
9.bacteria whose toxin causes botulism (2 Words)
14.Gram-positive streptococci that causes strep throat (2 Words)
16.bacteria whose toxin causes tetanus (2 Words)
17.1st bacterial species to have entire genome sequenced (2 Words)
19.stable "resting stage" for cells
22.spirochete that causes Lyme disease (2 Words)
25.pathogenic Betaproteobacteria that causes "whooping cough"; DTaP (2 Words)
26.bacteria that causes anthrax (2 Words)
28.botulism causes death by ____ paralysis
30.bacteria that causes leprosy (2 Words)
31.genera of bacteria that contain an unusual morphology resembling the filaments of fungi
33.arrangement resulting in a cluster of cells
35.Domain; no peptidoglycan in cell walls; 2 divisions: extremophiles & methanogens
36.bacteria that produces antibiotics: tetracycline, erythromycin & chloramphenicol
37.category of extremophiles that can tolerate high temperatures (can't grow in temperatures <45* C)
38.largest group of Archaea, produce methane gas
40.extremophiles that can tolerate high salinity (>9% salt)
42.____ G + C Gram-positive bacteria (<50% G+C in genome)
44.arrangement resulting in long chains of cells
47.arrangement resulting in pairs or groups of 2 cells
48.____ G + C Gram-positive bacteria (>50% G+C in genome)

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