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Medea Crossword Review

Mrs. Coody

This will help you review for your Medea test.

1 2
3 4 5           6
  7   8                  
9                     10
    11     12 13              
  16   17                
21                 22    
23       24       25             26   27  
28     29   30          
31       32        
    33       34            

4.lesson learned or big idea
8.the unconscious part of the mind that contains the cumulative experiences of the human race
9.reversal of fortune for the protagonist
11.# of days Creon lets Medea and her children stay in Corinth
13.the stage building
14.the other person who dies after touching the princess and her robe
15.Medea escapes in a dragon-drawn chariot after killing her kids
16.goddess of love; symbol is the dove
19.character in Shrek that represented the archetypal character of the friendly beast
21.part of the Greek theatre where the chorus stood, danced, and sang
23.archetypal situation involving a descent from a higher to lower state of being
25.a play set in the past that usually details the life of an important figure
29.the character in Shrek that represented the archetype of the creature of nightmare
31.Medea convinced this man's daughters to kill him so that Medea and Jason could escape with the Golden Fleece
33.king of the gods; symbol is the thunderbolt
34.messenger of the gods; symbol is winged boots
35.goddess of witchcraft and magic; Medea is her follower
1.group of actors who comment in a collective voice upon the dramatic action of a play
2.Medea uses this on the dress she sends to the princes to kill her
3.the seating area for the audience
5.Medea's grandfather; god of the sun; sends her the chariot at the end of the play
6.a point in the play where the tragic hero experiences a kind of self-understanding that leads to the reversal
7.the unconscious part of the mind that contains the personal elements of a person's life
10.when the audience knows something important a character doesn't know
12.the western development of drama during the early 19th century
17.the queen of the gods; symbol is a scepter
18.a reference to something in history, literature, mythology, etc.
20.goddess of the hunt, maidens, and the hunt; symbol is the deer
22.goddess of wisdom, crafts, and strategic battle; symbol is the owl
24.the man who promises to help Medea if she will help him have children
26.the walkways leading into the orchestra
27.a recurring plot pattern, image, descriptive detail, or character that expresses itself in stories, dreams, or religions
28.Jason promises to give this to Medea in return for her leaving him alone; she refuses it
30.when the character speaks directly to the audience
32.Jason's ship

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