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Fences by August Wilson

Page Salazar

I made this puzzle for my juniors to help prepare them for their unit test on Fences.

2 3 4              
5           6  
        11 12
13                       14    
  15   16                   17          
18                       19 20  

4.Sport Cory wanted to play
5.Lyons' wife
9.First African American to play professional baseball
13.What Cory doesn't want to attend at the end of Act II
15.Fences playwright
17.Why Troy went to prison
18.What Cory won but Troy wouldn't let him accept
21.Sport Troy wanted to play
22.Cory's rank in the armed forces
23.Becomes a marine at the end of the play
24.What Cory wants Troy to buy
25.She dies in childbirth
1.Where Lyons is spending his time at the end of the play
2.What Troy is building throughout the play
3.Musical tradition that inspired August Wilson as he wrote Fences
6.Friend Troy met in prison
7.Troy and Alberta's daughter
8.What Gabriel wears around his waist
9.First actor to play Troy on Broadway
10.Troy's would-be-musician son
11.Lost part of his brain during the war
12.Troy's second wife
14.The play's protagonist
16.Troy's job at the beginning of the play
19.Troy sees and argues with this ghostly figure
20.What Gabe does when his trumpet doesn't work

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