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TECA 1303 Chapters 9-11

1 2
3                 4    
6     7                
12                       13  
      14 15    
16                           17    

3.books and magazines (2 Words)
7.newspapers, book, radio, and television are all examples of this (2 Words)
9.traditional, modern, and adventure settings that incluence play activity
10.services include educational programs, counseling services, health services...
12.the attribution of rigid toles to certain groups
15.a public interest group that helps educate the public to monitor the viewing habits of children
16.services that enable or restore people's ability to participate in the community effectively
18.the superficial appearance of a well-balanced curriculum, giving the illusion of equity (2 Words)
20.are qualities and beliefs that are viewed as desirable or important
21.th omission of feminine and ethnic group references, pronouns, and names (2 Words)
22.production, socialization, social control, social participation, mutual support (4 Words)
1.is influenced by age, coginitive development, and social experiences
2.....is the result of high rates of unemployment, low wages, divorce, inadequate education, and inadequate budgets in gov. programs
4.a way for television and radio to make most of their profits
5.can have positive as well as negative effects on social relationships (3 Words)
6.Federal assistance programs for children and families (2 Words)
7.children identify with those who are powerful and admirable
8.services attempt to lessen the stresses and strains of life
11.is the result of little or no prenatal care, drug and alcohol abuse, and teenage mothers (2 Words)
13.televison and movies (videos, DVDs) (2 Words)
14.is an attitude; the word means prejudgment
17.the value one places on one's identity (2 Words)
19.No Child Left Behind

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