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Carpenter Girl

Michelle Nutt

A crossword defining wood working tools for a Girl Scout group.

3 4           5    
    6                               7 8
    10             11     12                
  14                       15                        
          16     17 18      
      19                                   20    
24                                         25
      31   32          
    33                                       34    
35     36                             37    
  41                   42                        
45                         46              

4.A person who makes wooden barrels
6.A hand tool for marking angles
9.An axe with a wide blade
10.A long steel blade with handles for a man at each end
12.Tool for drilling holes in wood
14.A string line that is covered with powdered chalk
15.A lightweight steel frame with a squeeze grip handle
18.A woodworking tool with a sloping steel or iron blade
19.Any one of a number of devices that projects a beam of laser light
22.All the benefits of a corded drill, but without a tether
24.A woodworking chisel with square sides to the blade
28.tool with a flat metal blade
29.An early form of optical leveling instrument
33.An all purpose all steel square
36.A smaller type metal rebate plane
38.Joinery clamps used for holding mitred corners together
39.One handed clamp that works through a ratchet handle
41.A small saw for cutting curves
42.Aids to fixing tongue and grooved flooring
43.A small plane used for fine work
44.A plane that is used to make rebates with the blade going the full width of the pane
45.Short levels that are convenient to pack in a tool kit
46.The more versatile of the curve-cutting saws
47.The largest of the back saws
1.A wind up type of builder's long tape measure
2.Hand sander with a square pad
3.Tool to rip long planks of wood very easily
4.A carpentry tool; the hammer face is used for driving nails and the opposing claw is used for withdrawing nails
5.Ear protectors that muffle sound and protect the ears in noisy environments
7.A voracious tool, this tool is critical to any building or framing project
8.For use when a nail head is to be sunk below the work surface
11.A one handed tool with a wooden T handle and a metal spike with a small screw on the tip
13.A woodworking chisel with square sides to the blade
16.A saw with a small thin blade and fine teeth supported by a stiff metal back
17.Also called a roofing square and steel square this is a flat steel square with legs
20.Basic wooden clamps
21.Woodworking tool with the side edges beveled
22.A saw for cutting across the grain of timber
23.A seat or bench to hold the material while using a draw knife
25.Tool used for freehand cutting intricate shapes
26.Small adjustable hand tools that can grip
27.Tool used for scribing circles and arcs
30.Two handed tool for shaping mainly in the round or curved sections
31.A mechanic's style hammer with a rounded peen
32.A small circular bubble level
34.The all purpose Carpentry and Joinery metal plane
35.Cylindrical foam hearing protectors that muffle sound and protect the ears in noisy environments
37.Carpentry clamps in the shape of an F
40.A smaller version of a crosscut saw used for finer work

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