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Best Sex for Married Couples

Dr. Joel Hammond

This puzzle is based upon scientific ally derived friendship and sexual relationship principles

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1.When our spouse gets turned on the ________response makes us feel turned on too
4.Before and after, both spouses must learn to _______about their needs and wants
5.Orgasm, climax, and pleasure often _______ the sexual experience
10.You try to make a spiritual, social, emotional, intellectual, and relational _______before you have sex
11.Sex is not a destination, it is a journey where we continually ______ new and exciting things about ourselves and our spouse
12.When your spouse does all he or she can to please you sexually, you _____their devotion
14.We must always _____how to better fulfill our spouse's needs
15.This is what many sexually satisfied couples claim as the reason their sex life is so good. They have a true________
18.This takes faith to establish, work to maintain, and care to nurture
21.If told how, we can truly please our spouse with our _____
23.Many couples feel ______after having had sex, but sex is better when ______exists in the marriage before sex
24.Showing _______before and after sex reinforces true friendship
28.Couples who have had sex hundreds of times before often express _____at new reactions and responses in their spouse
30.Every spouse wants to ______their spouse as best they can
31.Makes sex better and feels stronger after sex
33.If we are nothing else, we are mortal and prone to make one another laugh at times
34.Husband and wife desire to ________ one another
35.We give to our spouse because we _____
1.When you know your spouse sincerely aqccepts you, you feel sexually _____
2.Husband and wife often ______together as they enjoy sexual intercourse
3.How husbands and wives know what is needed or desired
6.Thoughts, touch, and words often _______your spouse
7.This helps when things don't always go as hoped for
8.Sex is about being pleased while being _______toward your spouse
9.Be _______ when trying to get things started
13.The better the relationship, the more couples _______sex together
16.When we make love we _________to the moment and our spouse
17.Most husbands describe their wife as being ______
19.This includes techniques and experience
20.The core of the overall sexual experience
22.Though we don't measure one another, we do _______acts of giving during sex
25.We ________one another doing the best we can with what we have to offer
26.Physical consummation of pleasure
27.Try this one throughout the day and when sex begins
29.Sex helps us to ________tensions, stresses, and concerns of the day
32.We give ourselves to our spouse and we ______our bodies together

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