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The Last Book in the Universe

by Rodman Philbrick

Created by Ms. DuQue'

1     2   3 4
5     6   7
  11 12                    
13 14         15    
    16     17     18       19
  24 25            
26               27              

1.game that Bean learns how to play in under a hour; wins her first game vs. Jin
8.chocolate bar
9.information that is kept in books or in computers if you have electricity
12.feral child who got adopted by Bree; says "Chox" (2 Words)
13.perfect society like heaven
16.saves Spaz his son from the crowd in chapter 31 (2 Words)
22.wise older man that teacher the main character how to be a "hero"
23.proov girl who gave Spaz food and almost got eaten
25.adopts a feral child
26.helping others; putting their needs before your own; giving out food
27.motorcycle bikes that fly
28.number of rules that Billy Bizmo has
2.This is The Last Book in the Universe
3.love interest of the hero; person who the hero usually has to save
4.Place that is filled with mines (2 Words)
5.what Ryter tried to hide from Spaz the first time he met him
6.mistake or defect that a hero usually has that he overcomes to be a hero
7.friend of the main character
10.person who saves other people
11.dying from blood sickness; leukemia; got an improved gene; smart
14.suv; hummer, car
15.stick a needle in your brain to live in a world like the matrix (2 Words)
17.lover; wife or husband
18.lack of knowledge about a subject or topic
19.bad guy in a book
20.society that is filled with misery; and/or danger like gangs or lack of ood
21.has seizures; broke all the rules to get to his dying sister; changes his name
24.old gummy; hero who dies in the book
27.loses at chess; gets a new son even when he says no

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