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Chicken Vocabulary

Made by: Caitlyn Hamill, Fred Bercy, Anna Russell and Shefali Mehta

1 2 3
  5           6                
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4.young domesticated male chicken
5.female Chicken less than one years old
6.a chicken whose egg gets stuck as it is being laid. This can be fatal
8.when a hen stops laying eggs and hatching others
10.the linking together of two or more steps of production, marketing and processing.
14.the feathers that separate the primary layer from the secondary layer
17.male chicken
19.chicken 7-8 weeks of age that is raised for meat
21.male chicken that has been surgically castrated
23.a removal of the tubular, fleshy appendage on the top of the head
1.chickens that are half female and half male
2.chickens grown in cages throughout their life
3.a source of heat used to keep chickens from wandering
7.shedding feathers
9.a feather that is not fully developed
11.the number of saleable chickens that hatch from all eggs incubated
12.small chicken, 16-30 ounces as adult
13.cross of two or more strains with the same breed
15.removing animals from a herd
16.putting eggs in an incubator instead of under the hen
18.a hanging fold of skin under the neck of an animal
20.a kind of animal in it's own class
22.female chicken

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