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La cultura puertorriqueña

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2.Currency used in Puerto Rico
3.One of the top merengue superstars of the 1990's
7.Skewers of chicken or pork
10.Name given to tostones
15.Traditional rice dish
18.Became a baseball legend in the United States, but in his homeland and throughout Latin America he became a national and cultural icon
19.Capital of Puerto Rico
20.Dessert made with mago pulp and sugar
22.Became an endangered species in 1971
23.René Pérez Joglar
27.Oven roast pork shoulder
28.Word meaning gentle
30.Sweet, thick paste made from the guava fruit is usually eaten with white cheese
31.Provides observing time, electronics, computer, travel and logistic support to scientists from all over the world
34.A tiny tree frog about one inch long named after its song
35.El Castillo de San Felipe del Morro
36.Twice-fried green plantains
37.Fortress that the Spanish began in 1539 and finished in 1787
38.Puerto Rican band known for its satirical lyrics as well as social commentary about Latin American issues and culture
39.The only native parrot in Puerto Rico
40.Person who was born in Puerto Rico
1.People living in Puerto Rico when Columbus arrived in 1493
4.Singer and composer of Latin pop: Aquí Estoy Yo, Yo No Me Doy Por Vencido, Respira, Llueve Por Dentro
5.Eduardo José Cabra Martínez
6.Only tropical rain forest in the care of the U.S. Forest Service
8.Isla del Encanto
9.About three times the size of Rhode Island
10.Spanish translation of Puerto Rican
11.Half of the trailblazing duo Hector & Tito before he embarked on a solo career of his own
12.Latin pop singer and actor: Y Tú Te Vas, Tiempo de Vals, Si Nos Quedara Poco Tiempo, Me Enamoré de Tí,
13.Its narrowed streets are lined with brightly-colored houses with balconies
14.Baseball hero killed in a plane crash
16.Site of the world's largest single-dish radio telescope
17.One of the most well known reggaeton artists in Latin America: Salió el Sol, Angelito, Taboo, Danza Kuduroo
21.One of the most important national centers for research in radio astronomy, planetary radar and terrestrial aeronomy
24.The Queen of Reggeaton
25.Home of the coquí, loro puertorriqueño and boa constrictor
26.Puerto Rican reggaeton singer: Gasolina, La Despedida, Lovumba
29.Also known as La Isla del Encanto and Perla del Caribe
32.Popular place to fly kites (hacer volar una chiringa)
33.It was built to protect the Spanish settlers from pirates and other invaders

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