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1.land that rises above the land around it.
4.large group of islands
10.Things made by humans, such as roads and bridges.
12.a long body of water that flows through the land.
13.Piece of land extending into a large body of water
15.Land surrounded on 3 sides by water
16.low land between hills or mountains.
17.land that has water on all sides.
2.large body of water surrounded by land
3.a large area of land where many trees grow.
5.Our surroundings
6.a very large body of salty water that covers a large area.
7.dry land with few plants and does not get much rain.
8.A portion of an ocean or sea extending into the land; a partially land-locked sea
9.is the study of man and his environment
11.the highest kind of land
14.a flat land.

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