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Microbiology Crossword

Caitlin Hebbert

Test your knowledge of Chapter 3 material!

1     2             3            
5             6
7   8        
9   10    

1.Molecule composed of lipid A and polysaccharide; found in the external membrane of Gram-negative cell walls.
4.The diffusion of water molecules across a selectively permeable membrane.
5.A slimy community of microbes growing on a surface.
8.Cell movement that occurs as a response to light or chemicals.
12.The space between the cell emmbrane and the outer membrane in Gram-negative cells.
13.This classification includes animals, plants, algae, fungi, and protozoa.
14.The net movement of a chemical down its concentration gradient.
2.Required for bacterial conjugation.
3.Membrane surrounding all cells.
6.Glycocalyx composed of repeating units of organic chemicaly firmly attached to the cell surface.
7.sticky extentions of some bacterial cells that adhere cells to each other and to surfaces.
9.Contain's prokaryotic chromosomes.
10.The main component of bacterial cell walls.
11.A long, whiplike structure protruding from the cell.

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