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2   3
5                   6 7  
        8 9          
11                       12            
  13                         14
      15           16
19   20  
22           23

1.What shows at the 12:00-1:00 of the clock arena?
5.A day in a moth where everyone in the district gets food packages. Usually lasts for one year.
9.The color of the liquid inside the padded belt covered with black plastic. Used at the 3rd Quarter Quell
11.Game invented by Katniss to Buttercup
12.Victor Tribute from District 8 of 75th Hunger Games which had her 3 children at the reaping
13.Hunger Games every 25 years
15.It was the most expensive gift given to a tribute
17.Height of Katniss' jump from a tree that caused her heel and tailbone injury
18.The only girl sibling of Gale
21.Katniss turned to what during the 3rd Quarter Quell interview
22.The other pet of Prim
24.Principal industry at District 8
25.A previous tribute, went savage during his Hunger Games as he cannibalizes the tributes he killed
1.Favorite food of Katniss while she was in Capitol. _______ with Dried Plums
2.First name of President Snow
3.Athletic woman, the head trainer of the 74th Hunger Games
4.It is the song Mrs. Everdeen forbid to be sung by Katniss
6.The original owner of Mockingjay Pin
7.Number 1 cause of death in District 12
8.A something embedded with Mockingjay. Finnick showed this to Katniss that made her change her mind
10.The time when Capitol washed District 13 off the map
14.A hollow metal tube, tapered at one end, with a small lip curved downward at the other end. It’s like a faucet taped into a tree
16.Animal that caused Gale to be whipped by Peacekeepers, It was the one they hunted
19.Afraid of the Water
20.Name of the red-headed Avox girl that served Katniss during the 74th Hunger Games
23.Number of lashes whipped on Gale

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