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Nora Sonneborn & Garrett O'Keefe

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46       47       48

1.What Isreal and Tommy do to Swede when no one else is around/listening
4.The person that Rueban marries
6.Davy gives Swede this for her birthday
8.The place that Davy ends up living at the end of the book
11.The place that Davy and Jape Waltzer met
12.The man that delivered Rueban and helps save Rueban's life when he is shot
14.This man died so that Rueban could live
18.Jeremiah becomes ill with this and looses a lot of weight
19.A man that meets Davy and gives him a place to stay
20.The name of the horse that Davy is riding when he picks Rueban the first couple of tiems
21.A girl who loves to use a big vocabulary and write stories about the West
22.The illness that Rueban is sick with
24.Then man that talks to Mr. Andreeson saying that he gave Davy a ride home one night
26.What Rueban uses besides steam to clear his lungs when he can not breath well
29.Jeremiah and Roxanna are ------ for three months before Jeremiah is shot and killed
32.Where the Lands stop to get gas in Grassy Butte
34.Mr. Andreeson is convinced that Davy is here
36.What Swede pretends to do when it is cold in the trailer
38.Rueban's age
39.The narrator of Peace Like a River
40.The job that Jeremiah has at the school
43.Swede put this in Mr. Andreeson's gas tank to give them a head start
44.This is where Rueban was shot
47.Roxanna has a lot of these and Swede loves them
49.Loves his children and would sacrifice himself for them
50.He shoots Isreal Finch and Tommy Basca
2.The town closest to the flaming ground
3.The type of business that Butch Cassidy owned
5.Who the Lands meet in Grassy Butte and she offers them rooms
7.The type of trailer that the Lands own
9.The Lands seem to not run out of this even after a long drive
10.Where the Lands moved to once they came back to Roofing
13.The good guy in Swede's story
15.The state where the Lands live
16.Roxanna's famous uncle
17.Putrid Fed
23.The type of gun that Davy shoots Isreal and Tommy with
25.Davy told a guard that this was broken in his cell
27.Things that can only happen when they are witnessed
28.A girl who is attacked in the locker room during a football game`
30.The city that Lands live in in the beginning and the end of the book
31.The mother that abandons the Finch family
33.The man who causes Jeremiah and Rueban to faint at church
35.The biblical figure that foreshadows Rueban's "rising from the dead"
37.A stolen pig
41.The villan in Swede's story
42.The type of bird that the Land's are hunting in the beginning on Mr. Shultz's property
45.Jeremiah's horse
46.The last name of the man that is leasing the land that Jape Waltzer has a cabin on
48.A girl that Jape Waltzer "bought" in Utah and plans to marry

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