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Electricity Review Puzzle

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1.Electric shock is caused by electric ____________.
3.Device that provides a constant voltage by converting mechanical energy to electrical energy
6.Center of the atom; home to the protons and meutrons
8.Device that "blows" when current gets too high
9.Electric _____________ is equivalent to I x V
10.The SI unit of voltage (V)
12.Material that can act as a conductor or insulator
19.Inventor who championed AC
20.Charging by ___________ occurs in a conductor when a charged object is brought nearbye
25.The property of a conductor to resist the flow of charge (R)
26.Component that regulates current in an electronic device or circuit
28.Type of current pushed through power lines; invented by Tesla
30.Charge is conserved; it is never created or destroyed
36.The SI unit of energy
37.Material that has ellectrons locked in place
38.The flow of electons in a circuit (I)
40.The SI unit of Force
41.The property that causes electric attracting and repelling behavior
42.Electric ___________ is equivalent to P x t
43.The third prong on a three prong plug provides a path for current to flow to the _________.
1.Material that has electrons that are free to roam
2.Type of circuit with multiple paths for current
4.A device invented by Nikola Tesla that steps up voltage to a very high level before releasing electricity into the air
5.The unit of energy we pay for
7.The atomic particle responsible for electric current
9.Total resistance is found by this equation: 1/Rt = 1/R1 + 1/R2....
10.A device with a conductive sphere on top that builds up a large voltage with a low amount of charge
11.Electric discharge from cloud to cloud or cloud to ground
13.Type of current where charge flows in one direction
14.The SI unit of charge
15.Electricity at rest
16.Material that can conduct absolutely at very low temperatures
17.Device with switches that open when current gets too high
18.Charge __________ occurs in insulators that are in the presences of a charged object
21.equals kQ1Q2/r2
22.The SI unit for electric current (A)
23.Inventor who championed DC
24.Type of circuit with one path for current
27.The electrostatic force is ____________ than gravity
29.Total resistance is the sum of the resistors in this type of circuit
31.Another term for potential difference; the "push" in an electric circuit (V)
32.V = IR
33.Positively charged particle
34.Device that provides a constant voltage by converting chemical energy to electrical energy
35.Neutrally charged particle
39.The SI unit of power

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