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Biology Ch. 6

Jose and Astor 10

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2.organelles found in the cells of plants and algae.
4.Many objects contain _____________, compounds that absorb light
7.compounds found in the thylakoid membrane, including the yellow, orange, and brown ______________, also function as accessory pigments.
14.they transfer electrons from one molecule to the next.
16.The thylakoids are connected and layered to form stacks called
17.Each cluster of pigment molecules and the proteins that the pigment molecules are embedded in are referred to collectively as a
18.Animals and other organisms that must get energy from food instead of directly from sunlight or inorganic substances are called
1.The acceptor of the electrons lost from chlorophyll a is a molecule in the thylakoid membrane called the
2.stage in which Organic compounds are formed using CO2 and the chemical energy stored in ATP and NADPH.
3.A series of chemical reactions linked in this way is referred to as a
5.The result- ing array of colors, ranging from red at one end to violet at the other, is called the
6.Stage in which Light energy (absorbed from the sun) is con- verted to chemical energy, which is temporarily stored in ATP and the energy carrier molecule NADPH.
8.Most autotrophs use the process of_______________ to convert light energy from the sun into chemical energy in the form of organic compounds, primarily carbohydrates.
9.an individual animal, plant, or single-celled life form.
10.inside the inner membrane ______________ are arranged as flattened sacs.
11.Located in the membrane of the thylakoids are several pigments, the most important of which are called
12.An important part of the light reactions is the synthesis of ATP through a process called
13.Surrounding the grana is a solution called the
15.Organisms that use energy from sunlight or from chemical bonds in inorganic substances to make organic compounds are called

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