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Garp CW1

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6.whore with a pockmark
7.His ear ended up stuck on Garp's chin
9.Steering's greatest wrestling coach (2 Words)
11.Garp's experience with _____ helped him write his first good story
12.______ retires from being a detective to be the Standish's private security guard
15._____ is not a good mother and is sexually aggressive; real name is Florence Cochran Bowlsby (2 Words)
17.Jenny Fields' assassin (2 Words)
18.these people cut out their tongues (2 Words)
20.He died in a car accident
23.____ has a red birthmark from which he gets his name
26.A kid who idolizes Garp but feels he'll never be as good as him
27.______ runs for Governor of New Hampshire (2 Words)
28.Jenny Field's editor (2 Words)
30._______ loves Garp and is also a writer (2 Words)
31.Owns Nannette's
33.____ rapes Hope Standish in The World According to Bensenhaver (2 Words)
34.Garp loses his virginity to _____
39.The lacrosse player who figures out that young Garp is on the roof trying to catch pigeons
40.dreams of her death in The Pension Grillparzer
41.______ becomes Garp's best biographer (2 Words)
42._____ tries to catch Garp falling from the roof
43._____ seems to be the smartest Rath brother
44.The first babysitter Garp has sex with
1._____ has terrible breath but is a good writing teacher
2.An American tourist in Vienna
3.a terrible writer who lived in Austria and wrote in the 19th century
4.A nurse who helps Garp escape the First Feminist Funeral
5.The City Where Marcus Aurelius Died
8.The author of A Sexual Suspect (2 Words)
10.writes a note to Garp about Helen and Michael Milton (2 Words)
13.Helen makes __________ forget about the student he thinks is 'special' (2 Words)
14.Garp's best friend (2 Words)
16.Mrs. Garp; Ms. Holm
19.writes Garp letters telling him how terrible his first novel is (2 Words)
21.Hope Standish's overprotective husband
22.whore with a weird lip
24._____was raped at 11 years old (2 Words)
25.Helen has an affair with ______ (2 Words)
29.Garp's youngest child (2 Words)
32.owns the Pension Grillparzer
35.The Percy family patriarch (2 Words)
36._____ goes back to Harold when he comes to get her at Dog's Head Harbor
37.____ is the Percy family's youngest daughter
38.He lost an eye and an arm

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