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Sexual Anatomy

Dr. Joel Hammond

These terms represent the basic sexual anatomy of a man or woman. See if you learn something new!

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1.These muscles extend between the spine and the pubic bone
3.This is located nearly an inch inside the vagina
6.The most sensitive part of the penis (beneath the crown)
8.This part of a woman's body creates lubricant and can expand
10.This is located above the vagina and is exceptionally responsive to stimuli
12.This gland produces most of the ejaculate fluid
13.Stores mature sperm
14.There are inner and outer ones on the vagina
1.This part of the body contains erectile tissue
2.This hollow organ moves inside the body during her orgasm
3.Also called the crown of the penis
4.These are in place when the girl is born (eggs)
5.These produce sperm and testosterone
7.These tubes deliver the egg down to the uterus
9.This sac holds the testicles
11.This round tissue separates the uterus from the vagina

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