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Boys of Summer

Stacie Miller

Baseball nicknames: Below are the names of (mostly) famous baseball players, past and present, or baseball teams. It's up to you to figure out what their nicknames were. I've provided the name of the player or team, as well as a clue to help you out!

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2.Mickey Mantle: Popeye had a lot of these
3.Grover, Elmo, Burt, Ernie and David Ortiz (2 words)
7.Sparky Anderson: All it takes is a little _____ to start a fire
9.Lou Gehrig “Iron ____”: Mr. Ed
11.The 1983 Phillies gained this nickname due to their lack of youth (2 words)
12.The Rock likes pie, but Jim Palmer was always known as ?
15.Ken Griffey, Jr “The ______”: Robert Redford and Kim Basinger starred in this baseball movie
16.Whitey Ford was sometimes referred to as the “________ of the Board”
17.David Ortiz “Big ____”: Not mommy
19.Kenny Rogers (Baseball) was called by this Kenny Rogers (Country Singer) song nickname
20.The 1927 Yankees were known simply as “________ Row”—anywhere else, you would think they were talking about a prison cell block
24.This nickname is a reference to the 1919 team that “fixed” the World Series (2 words)
26.Joe DiMaggio was the “Yankee ______”: L.A. has a professional NBA team with this name
27.John Candelaria was the _____ Man: Your parents always told you not to take this from a stranger
28.Dave Winfield had the same name as Kevin’s sweetheart on The Wonder Years
31.Jimmie Foxx was known as the _____: Kelsey Grammer played this character on X-Men
33.Joe Jackson: “________ Joe”: Barefoot
35.Andres Galarraga: “The Big ____”: Sylvester was one of these
36.Lenny Dykstra was tough as ?
37.Brooks Robinson: Type of vacuum or former president of the United States
38.Roy Halladay: Wyatt Earp and the OK Corral
41.Joe Medwick: That’s just _____. Or, a character from Pretty in Pink
42.The 1934 Cardinals were called the “Gashouse _____”. Nothing like the two from West Side Story
44.The 1950 Phillies were called the “______ Kids”—they must have been pretty smart
45.Rick Sutcliffe was the “_____ Baron” but he never fought with Snoopy
1.Roy Campanella: Pitch a tent
2.The 1970s Cincinnati Reds teams were known generally as the Big Red ______, because of their 6 division titles, 4 pennants and 2 World Series titles
4.Pablo Sandoval: This animated movie about a fighting bear (3 words)
5.The Pittsburgh Pirates adopted what nickname during the 1979 World Series, which was derived from a Sister Sledge song that had become the team’s theme song. (2 words)
6.Tom Baker’s (and Steve Austin's) nickname was that of a noisy reptile
8.Jose Conseco, before he was called “The Tattletale” was called “______ Joe”: Not a driveway
10.Steve Lyons was known to go by a nickname that matched the title of this 1960 thriller by Alfred Hitchcock
13.Cal Ripken was “_____ Man” : So is Robert Downey Jr
14.Earl Weaver was the “Earl of _______” Can you name the city?
18.Reggie Jackson “Mr. ______” : Halloween
21.Roger Clemens: “The ______”: Use this to fly in outer space
22.Ralph Garr was the “Road _____” and always on the lookout for Wile E. Coyote
23.Duke Snider was the “_____ Fox”: Not gold
24.Randy Johnson “The ____ Unit”: not little
25.Fred McGriff and McGruff were both known as this…(2 words)
29.“The Friars” is a reference to this MLB team
30.Ozzie Smith “The _______”: Follow the yellow brick road
32.Babe Ruth was the “Sultan of ______” : Shoo fly
34.Hank Aaron: Lay that ______ down
39.Ty Cobb was “The Georgia _____” : Type of Fruit
40.Greg Maddux “Mad ___”: 40/40
41.John Wathan: He shared this nickname with another famous John
43.Ted Williams “The ___”: Billy also had this nickname

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