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Night pages 1-43

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  7 8
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14   15                 16
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1.Madame Schacter thought she saw _____
3.Weisel writes "Never shall I _____"
4.The Jews thought they were going to work in _____ factories
6.Elie Weisel begins to _____ his faith
9.The sign at Auschwitz says "Work is _____"
11.The prisoners get off the train at _____
12.Elie's father's real age is _____
14.Prisoners who felt ill could go to the _____ car
19.The Jews gather in the _____ before they are deported
20._____ prisoners are put in each cattle car
21.In 1944 _____ took over the Hungarian government
24.Elie begins to feel _____ toward the Hungarian policemen
25.A Hungarian policeman tried to _____ Wiesel's family
26.The train stops near a sign that reads _____
27.The other prisoners _____ Madame Schacter
28.It was _____ when the prisoners got off the train
1.Elie's real age is _____
2.The Jews were optomistic about the _____ of Germany
5.Elie tells the Nazis his age is _____
7.The Jews were forced to give up all their _____
8.Elie's father tells the Nazis his age is _____
10.The Jews are deported on _____, the day of rest
12.Moshe the Beadle had to leave because he was a _____ Jew.
13.The Jews were forced to live in _____
15.Weisel grew up in _____
16.The _____ is the Jewish Prayer for the Dead
17.The Polish Kapo said the gravest danger was _____
18.The Jews were forced to wear a _____ star.
22.The first night in camp ends with the appearance of the morning _____
23.Akiba Drumer still has his _____

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