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winters tale

alex champlin

1   2        
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6       7  
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1.The name Hermione chose
4.Leontes' son
5.The longest act in the play
6.The animal that kills Antigonus
8.King of Bohemia
10.The status of the shepherd at the end
11.Florizel trades these with Autolycus
12.Perdita gives these to her guests
14.The mannor in which Polixenes first meets Perdita
16.Where Perdita grows up
17.The number of years that pass between Act 3 and Act 4
19.Occupation of the Shepherd's son
20.Camillo wants to return here
21.One of these is created in honor of Hermione
2.The miracle with in the end, this happens to Hermione
3.Leontes reminds us of him
7.Polixenes' Son
9.Antigonus spoke to her last before he died
13.Another word for the blending of tragedy and comedy
15.She has two husbands in this play
18.Polixenes and Camillo have to do this together early on

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